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Raw Rods - Update

February 12, 2017

Ricco Roland + Vic Valentino

Vic has the sinister smile of a dude with a big dick that knows he's about to Drill a tight hole i don't think Rico cares much about how big it is, because he sure doesn't have a problem making it disappear down his hungry throat Vic takes his time getting the cakes ready to be cut. In fact I haven't seen somebody get their face so deep into an ass. Rico has minimal trouble taking it all into his sweet little chocolate hole and the light on dark contrast is super sexy as Vic continuously long strokes Rico until the booty is nice and open and then continues to pound away until he squirts a fat creamy load all over Rico's hungry hole.

Raw Rods - Update

February 06, 2017

Daniel, Jaydoe & Syncere

Daniel Syncere and Jaydoe are hanging out in their hotel on new years eve ..daniel sends jaydoe to get liquor but while he is gone daniel and syncere start the party before jaydoe gets back ..jaydoe comes in with the liquor and really gets the party started by pouring everyone drinks and joins daniel and syncere for some hot sweaty suckin and fucking.

Black Breeders - Update

February 06, 2017

A Fuckin' Xclusiv

Mr. Xclusiv hit us up wanting to break into the biz, and let us know flat out that he could go the we put him with marathon man Drae. Well, all we can say is Xclusiv sure put his money where his mouth (and hole) was...and y'all can check out the payoff! Drae: "You know I like breakin’ in some fresh hole!" Xclusiv: "What a way to start off!"

Next Door Studios - Update

February 03, 2017

Welcum Home

It's been months since Daniel Flores has seen his sweet man, Trent King. Trent's in the service and hasn't been deployed this long since the two moved in together. Daniel isn't expecting Trent until tomorrow, but some plans changed and he's come in a day early. Daniel was taking a nap when Trent called to surprise him, so now he'll be surprising him in PERSON!

Black Breeders - Update

January 31, 2017

The Champ Cums Back

There's nothing like putting a couple of dudes in a room and them to start fucking before you can set up the lights! When these two got in the bed we all knew there was something serious to cum...we just didn't know how much was to cum...and cum...and cum! There was so much nut spilled that we have to share some of the extra seed that was spilled. Champ: "I got a lot more nut left!" Leo: "My hole has never been stretched like this before!"

Black Breeders - Update

January 26, 2017

Bringing in the New Rear

It's only right to kick off the new year with something new... at least that's what Trey was thinking. He's been popping up in porn fucking every hole he can get, but he had been itching to get a little (or big) sumthin' inside. While waiting for the scene to start we had some extra footage from a scene with Shaft playing, and even though Trey was planning to top we noticed him salivating watching Shaft's shaft. Well, you know how we do... and you can see for yourself what happened!

Next Door Studios - Update

January 23, 2017

Wake and Bang

When Aston wakes up and realizes his man is enjoying his ass, he turns around and takes Rio's fat, hard cock in his mouth. He knows just how Rio likes it. Then Rio lays on his back so Aston can have a taste of his hole now. Oh yeah, Aston sure was hungry for ass after his nap! After Aston sucks more of that mammoth cock, they switch it up so Rio can enjoy Aston's firm erection in his mouth for a while. And when Rio knows the moment is right, he lifts Aston's legs up and slides his fat dick into that warm hole.

Black Breeders - Update

January 22, 2017

The Final Floor

It's been a hard ride for these three, but it's time for this good thing to cum! After getting his final strokes in his partners' holes Brian is ready to unleash a flood, but not before he shares a taste of Kamrun's juice with Ramey. What a way to end the ride!

Black Breeders - Update

January 19, 2017

Dayum, Boi!

Capri realized if he was a good boi he would get exactly what he wanted...more of Gant's thick black stick! After the nut he figured out how to make it grow again...and go again! This bonus is for all the good bois out there...enjoy!

Raw Rods - Update

January 03, 2017

Travis Davis and Drummer Boi

Travis Davis and Drummer Boi are stuck in detention again because he was late the last time he was supposed to attend. Drummer Boi comes in and starts to annoy Travis about being in detention. After a while Drummer Boi decides to give Travis something else to focus on. He pulls his big dick out and Travis starts to suck on it. Drummer Boi eats Travis' tight ass out then bends him over and dicks him down. Drummer Boi nuts deep into Travis' ass and Travis pushes it out. Drummer isn't done tho and busts another nut soon after! Travis unloads in Drummer Boi's mouth and all over his face.

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