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Black Breeders - Update

March 21, 2017

Another Drop of Sweat

Remember RAW BLAK SWEAT? Well, there was a scene we lost track of during a move but we uncovered it during our current spring cleaning. When Hoody and Romeo worked out, and got worked up when they saw Envy closing the gym. In the end, they decide to work it out and work up some serious nuts!

Raw Rods - Update

March 18, 2017

Tezjork + Timarrie Baker

Tezjork is up late watching porn when Tamirrie arrives to finish Tezjork off.

Reality Dudes - Update

March 13, 2017

Marcus Cole & Phoenix

Our boy Phoenix is paying us a visit bringing along Marcus Cole, and they’re ready to fuck! As soon as Phoenix drops his pants, Marcus is all over that massive cock, deep-throating it like a champ. Before long, Marcus is getting his bubble butt pounded by Phoenix who brings the giant thrusts until he jizzes all over Marcus.

Corbin Fisher - Update

March 09, 2017


Confident, tall, muscled, and sexy Dominic opens up about anything and everything. He discovered jerking off at 13 years old, but now does it about 5 times a day! This isn’t including how often he gets laid. Super sexual isn’t even the half of it! Jerking and fucking all the time means this studly jock is constantly naked, and he’s very comfortable in his strong, masculine skin. His chest and arms are insane - I’m not sure how he fits a shirt on! Then we get down to his cock, and let’s just say that it’s just as large and muscly as the rest of him! He two-hands his python as he moans out, clearly enjoying himself - and enjoying the taste of himself after!

Naked Sword - Update

March 04, 2017

Fill ‘Er Up

You're climbing-the-walls horny. You want me to strip you naked, pin you down, stick my hard dick in you and fuck you deep! You want to be used completely. FILL ‘ER UP.

Jalif Studios - Update

February 26, 2017

D Daniels, Mr Black, Mark Galftone, Robert & Farius

Foreigner Mark Galftone always heard when you come to America you have to play some basketball on a real court. So he decides to join in on a pick up game with a bunch of hot black studs. Luckily they see he doesn't really know what he's doing so they offer to show him a few tips for the game back at their place!

Black Stud Vids - Update

February 25, 2017

Flip Flopping Bareback Black Buds

Dennis is caught out enjoying a grope of his cock, but it's by the perfect colleague to catch him! Hung young Ricco is interested in the prospect of getting his massive cock wet, and although Dennis starts with some ball sucking and shaft pleasuring he's soon giving the boy his own dark meat. Swapping roles, Ricco gets his long shaft in deep to help them get their cum splashing, and it certainly does the job!

Black Breeders - Update

February 25, 2017

Raw and Real!

You know we like it when a man is all hairy and natural but when we find two we go fucking crazy...and luckily these two went crazy for each other! This is how it went...Donte was filming and it got a little loud, but we heard some dudes fucking next door and thought we were fine. Well, there was a knock at the door and we swore it was security. It turns out L just got finished getting dicked but craving more, and since he heard our action he figured he might get some. He asked if he could watch, but next thing we knew he was on the bed with a wet, ready you know what happened next!

Thug Vids - Update

February 22, 2017

Cant Resist That Big Black Dick

A dropped towel is all it take to get these thugs from buddies to fuck buds, with the young man unable to resist the chance to taste that massive meat when the muscled guy offers it. His mouth is not the only hole to be filled in of course, and he gets a great fucking all over the bed, making him cum hard and finishing with a load on his fucked ass!

Cazzo Club - Update

February 14, 2017

Cazzo 20th Anniversary (Pt. 4)

Continue doing with looking back at the Cazzo history. For the first time ever you can jerk off now history to the best scenes from 20 years of Cazzo. The Berlin guys are found hanging out in garages, basements, warehouses and bars in the last part of this hot review.

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