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Private Playground XXX - Update

Wednesday February 21, 2024

Glowball 2022: Cam 2 Pt. 3

More of the Neon Naughtiness that is GLOWBALL! These guys could clearly go all night, but they know we have a closing time. Time to get in all the fucking and sucking before the end of the night!

Corbin Fisher - Update

Tuesday February 20, 2024

Sharing Eli

Sure, Eli can handle a solid dicking. But can he handle a solid dicking from the two biggest, meatiest cocks currently in the CF stable?! Yes. Yes he can. Of course he can! How could we ever even doubt it!? Eli can handle Barron and Rocky and their big fat dicks, and Eli's going to love every second (and inch!) of this scorching hot three-way where Barron and Rocky totally have their way with Eli, plug him at both ends, and work him over good and hard! It must have been quite the experience for Eli, getting tossed around by Barron and Rocky. They take turns having him sit on their cocks, flip him around back and forth between them so each gets to use his ass while the other fucks his throat.

Young Bastards - Update

Monday February 19, 2024

Slutty Sports Boy Takes 2

Rene becomes a sex toy for muscle top Faisul and sporty lad Uriel. The horny twink is admiring the swollen jock strap of big guy Faisul but Uriel is soon on the scene from the showers and his cock is in need, too. In moments the boy finds himself being shared by the greedy tops, his hot and wet mouth drooling with precum and spit while they team up to feed him their hooded meat. With two sporty penises to please it’s no wonder they’re soon sharing his naked little hole, taking turns to ram their raw cocks between his damp cheeks while the other makes the boy gag on their dong. The slutty sports boy gets a great reward with a cum load fucked into his hole and another wanked out in his face, finishing with his own spermy delivery while his Dom tops watch.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

Monday February 19, 2024

Martin, Duncan & Jamie

Duncan Sheen was coming over to hang with his buddy Martin Dajnar, but he wasn't home. Luckily, Martin's twink stepson, Jamie Kelvin, kept him company until Daddy arrived to join them. Duncan was down to wait but was shocked when Jamie touched his leg and told him to keep quiet. Kelvin wanted his cock, and Duncan was ready to give it. Jamie swallowed Duncan's cock and loved feeling it in the back of his throat, but he would rather feel it up his hole. He didn't have to wait long as he took Duncan's cock for a ride. That's when Martin came home and joined in on the fun. Jamie rode dick while sucking cock as the two men switched positions. Martin fucked Jamie's tight hole while showing his boy off to his friend. They worked Jamie until he couldn't hold back, which opened the cum floodgates.

Axel Abysse - Update

Sunday February 18, 2024

Quad, Part One

Eight fists, three holes, there's so much they can do ! Punches, doubles, deepthroating, the boys are in heat and the pool can't cool them down!

Young Bastards - Update

Saturday February 17, 2024

Thug Boys Gangbang

Roped up and gagged, little Eugene is at the mercy of his captors. They’re ready to make the most of their twink fuck slut as soon as the trio of a big-dicked thug boys arrive. Their meat is soon out for Eugene to service, their helmets wet and swollen, their balls loaded with cream for the slutty toy boy to take. Eugene starts out with his mouth and hands, sucking, licking and wanking every inch of desperate man meat to come his way, but it’s not long before they’re taking turns in his hole. With their sub boy’s twink pucker licked Ivan, Max and Alpan take their turns to pound his naked hole, fucking his mouth and ass, grabbing other dicks and jabbing them into the boy. All three are determined to use and degrade their greedy cock taker in the best way.

Tickled Hard - Update

Saturday February 17, 2024

Joseph Tickled Hard

Franco and Bronson shrink wrap super-ticklish Joseph to a massage table and cuff his hands and feet. Since Franco already knows Joseph's most ticklish spots, he shows a few to Bronson to get him started then lets him explore. Bronson's good, but Franco shows him how it's done, causing Joseph to go red in the face with hysterical laughter. Bronson tries again, tickling Joseph deep in his armpits and ribs, as well as in his hips and groin. Screeching like an eagle, Joseph's body turns pink as both guys tickle him good and hard. Speaking of hard, this double-tickling has definitely gotten Joseph excited! They jack and tickle him at the same time, totally confusing his senses and filling his balls with fresh cum. At last, Franco releases one of Joseph's hands so he can relieve himself, and he shoots a huge fountain of jizz.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

Friday February 16, 2024

Sly, Joris & Jacob

All work stops when daddy decides he wants to play with his two young coworkers. Work clothes strip off and dicks get sucked, before Sly and Joris take turns fucking Jacob. Then the trio move to a hot daisy chain fuck, with Joris in the middle. Eventually, Jacob shoots his load, as Joris pumps cum up his Latin ass.

Men At Play - Update

Friday February 16, 2024

Best of Menatplay

2023 Compilation: In our Best of MENatPLAY 2023 Compilation, we look back at some of our top favorite suit sex movies released in 2023. Thank you for making MENatPLAY the world's premier place for suited man-on-man action. Cheers to the New Year!

Bi College Fucks - Update

February 15, 2024

Cain & Courtney Share Josh

Cain and Josh make out with our new coed, Courtney. Her blouse and bra come off together and Josh and Cain go straight for her nipples. Josh pulls Cain's cock out of his jeans and starts sucking that thick, uncut dick. Josh and Cain sandwich Courtney in between them, then she bends over to suck Cain's cock. Josh tongues her ass and fingers her pussy from behind. The guys kiss as Josh pounds Courtney and she blows Cain. Cain stands up to feed Josh his cock while he's fucking Courtney. Cain plays with Josh's nipple. They flip Courtney onto her back so Cain can stuff his cock into her. Courtney sucks Josh's dick as Cain fucks her. She yelps as she takes every inch of his cock. Josh kisses her toes and she sucks him harder. Josh bends over to suck Cain and eat out Courtney. He climbs over her, shoving his dick in her mouth.

Hot House - Update

February 15, 2024

Feels So Good 4

If roommates Hazel Hoffman, Ty Santana, and Jack Waters are hanging out at home, that can only mean their dicks are out and ready for a hot-and-heavy threeway. During today's fuck fest, the twunky trio is putting their mouths to good use as they form a cocksucking triangle and a rimming train. Next, the anal action begins as Jack slides his hard cock into Ty's ass all while Ty raw-fucks Hazel's hole. Still in the middle, Ty then gets spit-roasted by his bareback buds until he's on his back and coated in cum.

Raging Stallion - Update

February 14, 2024

Raw Construction

Ricky Larkin and Jaxx Thanatos are out on a construction site with new hunk, Kurtis Wolfe. Ricky and Jaxx like what they see and surround Kurtis to properly welcome him to the work site. Jaxx gets Kurtis down on the workbench as Ricky pulls down his pants and shoves his hard cock into Kurtis' face. Kurtis is hesitant at first, but soon warms up and realizes he loves getting his body used by his two hunky co-workers. Jaxx wants in on the action and peels off his clothes to get behind Kurtis. Jaxx opens Kurtis' cheeks and plants his tongue as Kurtis keeps sucking Ricky's hard cock. After Jaxx gets Kurtis opened up, Ricky decides to take the next step and shove his raw dick into Kurtis' hairy ass. Jaxx and Ricky switch sides with Jaxx up front as the studs spit-roast Kurtis.

Masonic Boys - Update

February 13, 2024

Apprentice Tate Ch 5

The Covenant: From the moment Apprentice Tate crawled into the room in his flimsy ceremonial robe, I knew we were going to have fun. I instructed him to wash me, looking smugly over my shoulder at Master Snow who was being forced to play second-fiddle to me on this occasion. Young Tate carried out his business with beautiful precision. His task was to demonstrate servitude by washing my feet, and he did this with a deeply sensuous, seductive touch. The room was utterly silent except for the sound of the boy's breathing, which became increasingly labored as his desire for me increased. I undid the tie on his robe and allowed the fabric to slide off his shoulders and drift to the ground. I dropped to the floor and started to suck him.

Men - Update

February 12, 2024

Summa Cum Load Part 1

Cristiano shows new pledge Ashton Summers around the Summa Cum Load house, the best frat at MEN U. When he gets a call, he leaves Ashton to poke around on his own, and the freshman wanders into Kyle Fletcher's room and watches him get undressed. Kyle is very welcoming and even agrees to suck Ashton! Cristiano comes back and soon is stripping off to join in the threesome by fucking Kyle's hole. Cristiano sucks the others' cocks, and then it's Ashton's turn to try Kyle's hole while Kyle sucks Cristiano. Kyle cums and asks for more, then sucks Cristiano as the curly-haired twink rides Ashton's cock. Kyle fucks Cristiano who swallows Ashton's cock, and Cristiano eagerly takes two hot loads on his face as he strokes himself till he orgasms.

Pits and Pubes - Update

February 12, 2024

Hairy Cocks In The Dark

Murphy Maxwell, Zack Tokes and Christop are a horny group with extra hairy dicks, lots of taint fur, big hairy balls, and some nice ripe pits to lick and sniff. This group is down for anything and after the frenetic blowjobs end, the double dong dildos come out and get crammed into hairy holes. Once Murphy and Zack are nice and loose, Christop takes turns plugging their fuzzy asses with Murphy jumping in for some furry train action. Everyone gets what they want with a little bit of everything to make their fucking and sucking complete.

Czech Hunter - Update

February 11, 2024

Czech Hunter 727

This guy was such a lucky accident. Lukas and I wanted to go shopping after lunch so we ordered a cab. Something went wrong with the app because instead of the driver we ordered, this guy arrived. During the ride, we decided to drop the shopping idea. Instead we tried to convince this cutie to spend some time with us. Prague was really crowded so we paid him enough to follow us in our flat. For a heterosexual, this guy was pretty awesome. I let Lukas play with him first and just watched. When I couldn't take it anymore, I joined in. He was simply amazing and had no problem sucking us both. Yes, this was an expensive afternoon but that's the only way to get your hands on a straight virgin ass like this. Don't worry, we were very careful. Lukas went first and stretched him out for me.

Naked Sword - Update

February 11, 2024

British Twunk's Gangbang

Nakedsword Rhyheim: The tan-lined cakes of British Twunk are ready to be rimmed, barebacked, and double penetrated for the stud's first-ever gangbang with NakedSword X Rhyheim. Hung fuckers Rhyheim Shabazz, Roxas Caelum, Marlon Costa, and Farley give this muscle jock the ride of his life as their big dicks pound his ass and stretch his hole all night long. Then, with his taint smothered in cum, British Twunk moves to the floor where the quad of tops flood his mouth and cover his naked body in the endless waterfalls of hot piss escaping their oversized cocks.

Cutler's Den - Update

February 09, 2024

Blue Eyed Hole

You've never seen someone as handsome as Tryp Bates. Amazing body, blondish good looks - and those crystal clear blue eyes. And he's a hungry cock whore. Robear Woods joins Cutler X to take this guy down hard just like he likes it. Dicks in both ends, down his throat and into his guts. That hungry muscle ass wants it ALL and Cutler and Robear GIVE IT TO HIM. Double penetration galore with an IN YOUR FACE CUM SHOT.

Bi College Fucks - Update

February 09, 2024

Rudy & Valerie Drain Philip

Valerie loves to get fucked especially by lean, handsome guys like Rudy and Philip. And today she's going to her fill from both ends at least until Philip makes Rudy fuck him as well! All three kiss each other passionately. Rudy kisses his way down Philip's chest and then Valerie does the same to Rudy. She kisses his nipple and Philip tweaks hers. Rudy kisses Valerie's huge breasts. Philip lays down and becomes the center of attention for Valerie and Rudy. As Rudy sucks Philip's cock, Valerie kisses him. Valerie works her way down to Philip's cock and has fun switching off, first sucking Philip, then Rudy. She strokes and sucks, making each guy even harder. Rudy eats out Valerie's hot pussy as she sucks Philip's dick. Not wanting Rudy to get left out, Philip bends down to stick Rudy's cock in his mouth.

WhoreHimOut - Update

February 07, 2024

Denver vs. LA Continues

We let some of the best tops stick around for a bit and really loosen up Denver Dump before his Load Count record gets blown SKY HIGH!! More More More to Come!

Hung Young Brit - Update

February 07, 2024

Christmas Creampie BB

HOE HOE HOE you filthy fuckers, I hope you had a great Christmas! We had a great one and had some really horny fun with our mates. The neighbor and that boy from the Halloween party was over. We even had a visit from our own Jacob Marley still carrying his chains. Actually they were for his bike, and obviously a lot fitter than some haunting poltergeist, although I wouldn't mind him visiting me in the middle of the night.

Private Playground XXX - Update

February 07, 2024

Glowball: Cam 2 Pt. 2

There was so much action going on at our Glowball event that we had to break out a second camera. What is it about black lights and neon that gets all these gays going?

Bareback + - Update

February 06, 2024

Serg Shepard Cumdump 1

Serg Shepard may appear as a shy pale-skinned boy next door type, but oh does he know how to milk cocks for every ounce of cum they are worth. With daddy-types like Adam Snow and Hudson James having their way with Serg's cum-filled hole, and eager twink tops like Oliver Carter and Ethan Tate taking their turns, everybody's load is welcome!

Peter Fever - Update

February 05, 2024

2069: The Military InFILLtration Ep. 4

Sharing is caring, at least when it cums to the QBoys. Jay Wu was not so happy to share his boy Ander with horny twink Pierce Brooks, but now it's time to convert Tony Genius into a full-fledged QBoy, and Ander has the mouth as ass to work that magic. Jay presses Ander down onto his knees, and the horny sidekick starts sucking off both of them. Tony's stiff tool looks so tasty soon Jay is down there grabbing a slurp for himself. But mainly, this is Ander's chance to shine. He works his tongue, open mouth and deep throat on Commander Jay and the intruder Tony. But sucking cock isn't all a horned up mouth is good for, as Tony and Jay rim Ander's tight little hole in preparation for some deep rough anal action. Tony rams his raw booty blaster in first, then passes this prize butthole over to the boss Jay.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

February 04, 2024

Den, Lex & Miron

Miron Sokolov came home dirty from playing all day, but had no idea that Den Fitness and Lex Moore were ready to play a game of their own with his sweet twink hole. Miron came home from a great afternoon of playing soccer and landed on the couch next to his stepdad, Lex, who told him to shower. As soon as the water started running, Lex was at the door with his dick out, watching his boy soap himself up. He got so excited that he invited his friend Den over. Once Miron Sokolov got all cleaned, he was ready to get dirty again. Knowing his position, Miron got down on his knees to worship the daddy cock that he craved. From dick to cum, the two gentlemen gave their boy what he wanted.

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