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Naked Kombat - Update

Thursday October 19, 2017

Billy & Sebastian VS Doug & Brock

Naked Kombat's back with our live audience tag team fights! This month we have Doug "The Destroyer" Acre teaming up with Brock "The Big Show" Avery. Both fighters are experienced wrestlers and mixed martial artists and are prepared to show no mercy. Their opponent Billy "The Body-Slam" Santoro was scheduled to fight alongside Eli "The Hammer" Hunter. Unfortunately due to medical reasons, The Hammer was not able to fight, so in his place is the veteran Sebastian "The Tiger" Keys.

Gay Erotic Stories by DavidDavis - Update

Thursday October 19, 2017

Business Friend

...When we woke up in the morning, we both had morning wood, so we would get to see each other's dicks hard. I noticed that his foreskin was tight and the head was completely covered even fully hard. He was looking at my cock, too (my foreskin covered most of the head but was not tight). We got dressed and went downstairs to our business meetings. That night, when we came back up to our room, I decided to take a chance and ask him something. "Philip," I began, "I noticed that your foreskin is tighter than mine. Can you pull it back?" He blushed just a bit and told me that he could not pull it back...

StraightMen XXX - Update

Thursday October 19, 2017

SpunkU - A Porny Mockumentary

I wanted so badly to get into SpunkU; the waitlist is as long as some of these hotties' cocks. Finally settled into one of the Dyk's Dorms, I went to the pool to relax. Meeting another new student, Brad Lyons, we both had a lot in common and seem to hit it off pretty well; I figured doing my first scene with him would be easy, but, my cock would not cooperate. Later, I tried to blow a load by the pool; even fingering my hole did not seem to work. I bet Brad would have no problem getting his big cock up or nutting. It seemed like forever, but all I could manage was a few drops; the staff was not impressed. Sebastian Reigns, notable in size, could not measure up to our University standards.

Next Door Studios - Update

Thursday October 19, 2017

Beach Bros

The three of them head back to their flat to have it out. Pheonix and Johnny sit with legs spread, as Markie surveys the options in front of him. He quickly begins to service them both, and immediately he sees that both Pheonix and Johnny are packing some hefty weight inside their pants. Alternating between the two massive cocks in front of him, Markie gets them both nice and hard, deep throating Pheonix's python of a dick as Johnny plunges his meat stick deep into Markie's hole. Johnny fucks Markie bareback, getting him nice and ready for Pheonix, and once he's broken in, they flip around and Pheonix takes his ass for a ride, long dicking Markie's raw hole and filling him up.

Debt Dandy - Update

Thursday October 19, 2017

Debt Dandy 95

It’s me – Martin. After a small break I think it’s time to get back to business. My client today was living in an area which is famous for people with debts. Low rents and a lot of crime. When I met him he seemed to be quite arrogant and unfriendly. But when we started to talk about his debts he was close to tears. And this rather big boy was so much afraid of his parents finding out about his situation. So I offered what I have to offer. And as fast as he rejected the idea of having sex with a man as fast he changed his mind when I was about to leave. He obeyed to his only change to get rid of the debts and performed quite well. A great cock-sucker if I may say so. Really talented. And after a while I thought it was time to try his talent for being my passive bitch for an hour.

Gay Erotic Stories by Omofineboy - Update

Thursday October 19, 2017

Sena, The House-Boy

...I held on tightly to his waist and banged him with such ferocity that I feared I would do him injury. I didn’t care. With wild abandon, I continue fucking that succulent ass. He came but I went on. After a wild, we stopped and caught our breath. Then I resumed fucking him. Then I heard a car driving into the compound. The fear of being discovered...

Bentley Race - Update

Thursday October 19, 2017

Toby Danzer

23 year old Toby is a pretty cute guy, and a bit of a nerd like myself. But there is one more think you should know about Toby. He loves having sex. I really wanted to get someone modelling for me in front of those huge windows with the view over some of Australia's iconic buildings. Toby was eager to please. And I gotta say I was surprised when he bent over and showed me that perfect bum. I love eating out Toby's hole while he squirms on my face. I really wanted to drive my cute new mate to cum. And so he did! All over me.

Maskurbate - Update

Wednesday October 18, 2017

Tyson Fucks

Tyson's debut was a huge hit and the good comments he got encouraged him to come back for an encore. This time I wanted him to show me how he fucks. It's always really exciting to see those hot dudes in action. Simply watching how intense he got with our prop, almost destroying it, you can tell that he likes hard sex. He delivered a huge cumshot then played with it. This guy is so unique and open-minded. Who knows what he'll do next!

Chaos Men - Update

Wednesday October 18, 2017


Ansel has no problems getting hard and working that long cock of his. He was slowly stroking his cock, with very little effort, but he was sweating up a storm. I swear the studio was its normal temperature! In order to cum, he wanted to be standing, so I got everything setup for a nice undershot. I got settled and said to fire anytime, and seconds later he was nutting. I love it when they are that turned-on, but thank goodness I was in position!

Gay Erotic Stories by Omofineboy - Update

Wednesday October 18, 2017

A Web: Torn Between My Friend And His Sister Part 2

...“Have you been fucked by a guy before?” He inquired. “Nope. What about you?” “Yeah, I banged Ali and Sylvester last year,” he said. These two hunks were the most sought after hetro guys I knew next to Faisal. “You are kidding me!” I exclaimed. “Anal sex is the in thing now bro. Some of these married uncles indulge in it. You would be shocked if I told you who is forever trying to seduce me with expensive gifts just to give him a taste of this dick,” he said mischievously. I refrained from commenting .I was too wound up in the good things yet to come...

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