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They’re at Le Trou, a dark, sweaty, cruising club in Lyon. It’s the middle of the afternoon, so the place isn’t busy, but what it’s lacking in numbers is made up for in the quality of the guys inside. Two handsome young men sit in the bar area, touching themselves up. Sunny Blue’s pretty much fully clothed, and Pete Bull is naked but for a jock strap. The more they stare, the more they want each other. The music is thumping, the place stinks of sweat and poppers, it’s not gonna be long until they’re banging each other’s brains out. The two men wander off into the darkened network of corridors behind the bar and find themselves a private cubicle where they’re gonna take things to the next level. Pete's lips are full and he takes Sunny’s dick so far into his throat that he repeatedly chokes.

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