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Tall 6'4" Ginger PSU Skateboarder Christian is back, proudly showing off his new 'Liquid Aloha' Kona Brew Long Board as he strokes his perfect furry cock with one hand and holds his board in the other! This a super cute, friendly, talkative, happy strawberry blond college jock from New Orleans, Louisiana with a smooth tight & lean upper body, perfect amount to hair covering his perky nipples and a super thick bush of untrimmed red belly hair surrounding his navel and covering his cock, very hairy balls, takes a powerful piss in a bucket, pump iron fully nude, walks naked, repeatedly grabs his ass cheeks, spreading them wide open exposing his yummy gaping hungry hole, combs his ultra furry bush with a comb and smiles, sits down on the deck for a very long stroke session, squirming and quaking in the chair as he edges and teases.

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