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Brock: 8-Inch Jock Cock Visit Straight Fraternity

By Straight Fraternity

22-year-old cute hunk Brock is an upbeat guy who's curious about being in porn, and I'm going to make sure he gets his first time on camera today. I tell Brock to take off his shirt and show his furry pecs and ripped abs, but it's not until the boxers come off that I realize what a great package he has. Brock is one hot surprise after another! While Brock works on his stiffening cock, I try to figure out how to put my moves on him. I have a ruler nearby, so I ask Brock how big his dick is. He gives me a smirk and some side-eye, but doesn't resist when I lean in to measure it. I lube up my hand and start jacking while Brock kicks back and enjoys the sensation. It's not long before Brock's ready to cum from my stroking. He lets out a big gasp and shoots his load all over himself and me.

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