Damian Makes CockyBoys Debut With Aiden

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Damian Makes CockyBoys Debut With Aiden Visit Cocky Boys

By Cocky Boys

Damian Night is happy making his CockyBoys debut because it's with Aiden Ward, who tops the site newbie just the way he likes: sensuality with a rough edge! While they kiss, Aiden's main focus is making out with and manhandling Damian's luscious ass and then plowing every which way in the window and on the bed. Damian feasts on Aiden's cock in between positions and then gets the joy of Aiden's giving topping prowess. He fucks the cum out of Damian and extends his orgasm by sucking him dry which in turn pushes Aiden to cum too. He shoots over Damian and extends his own orgasm milking out every drop. At the end Damian couldn't be happier that Aiden popped his CockyBoys cherry!

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