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Coach's Reward: It's hard being the new guy again; I don't think I'll ever get used to it. Changing schools is one thing, I can handle that, but what's more important to me is getting along with my team. I feel like there's always a lot of pressure to prove myself not even just to my teammates but to the coach as well. Lucky for me I can tell that my (incredibly sexy) new Coach Patrick has really taken a liking to me. I appreciate that kind of extra attention being the newest member of the team, but I swear sometimes he flashes me this cheeky grin that has an ulterior motive to just making me feel included. I think he might be able to tell that I don't necessarily have my head fully in the game. I have been warned before that you can sort of read me like a book and I guess as Coach he's more susceptible to picking up on those sorts of things.

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