Tian & Mika C.C. 505

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Tian & Mika C.C. 505 Visit Kristen Bjorn

By Kristen Bjorn

Mika Ayden hooks up with Tian Tao to induct him into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Mika is impressed as he grabs hold of Tian’s growing cock through his pants, but when it falls out, he is aghast at the sheer size of it, hanging low and heavy as he takes it into his hand. With his own cock straining to be free from his tight jeans, Mika stands on a chair and releases his throbbing cock as Tian takes the downward curved cock into his hungry mouth. The perfect curve of Mika’s cock makes it so easy for it to glide across Tian’s tongue and perfectly down his throat. Positioning himself between Tian’s thighs, Mika is enthralled with the enormity of the meaty cock swelling up in front of him. Mika leans in and starts working his lips past the sheathed head and down the thick cock shaft.

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