Reality Porn 12: Axel, Magnus & Lucio Blog Post

Reality Porn 12: Axel, Magnus & Lucio Visit Kristen Bjorn

By Kristen Bjorn

With a room to let, Magnus Loki is holding a contest to see who is best qualified, will it be Lucio Saints or will it be Axel Rockham. May the best cock, I mean may the best man win! The first challenge is kissing. Lucio is first up and gives Magnus a sampling of his kissing skills, while Axel looks on, plotting his technique and style. Axel is up next and makes sure that Magnus is left breathless after his passionate kiss. Unable to make a decision, Magnus wants to see how Lucio and Axel are with kissing each other. Magnus gets pulled into the middle, just where he likes it best. Next challenge, cock sucking. Magnus takes both men’s cocks into his hands to get a feel for the competition then leans over and takes Axel’s hard cock into his mouth, feeling it fill his mouth, throat, and his senses.

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