Ryan Wild & Nick Reeves

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Ryan Wild & Nick Reeves Visit BadPuppy

By BadPuppy

Remastered Original from producer Mick Hicks: 19-year-old Ryan Wild is from Portland Oregon and 20-year-old Nick Reeves is from Santa Rosa, CA. This cute duo has wanted to do an action shoot together and Badpuppy members are first witness. As the boys kiss, they begin undressing each other. Nick pulls out Ryan's cock and begins some sucking and tongue play. Ryan wanting in on the action begins to devour Nick's tool! Nick is not done, going back for dessert! They stand, stroking each other's cocks simultaneously. The pants come off for some side-by-side jerking, just before Ryan begins going down on Nick again. Nick on his knee's gets fingered by Ryan before the fucking begins. Ryan takes it slow since Nick's hole is tight! Once he loosens him up, the ass plowing begins with the bed shaking like it's going break.

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