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New Recruit: As the twink Varsity baseball squad checks into the team hotel on a long, grueling road trip, always active infielder Milo gets a happy surprise when he finds out who his roommate will be. It turns out that Coach Barrett has hand-picked Milo to share a room and a bed! Enigmatic and hard to read, Coach Barrett has always come off as cool and uninterested in the Latin cutie. But the moment that the coy DILF strips his clothes off right in front of Milo and then suggests that he wait on the bed while the Coach takes a hot shower the boy gets rock-hard, right away! Stunned and starry-eyed, Milo can only rub himself over his jockeys, waiting for the gorgeous daddy to reappear. Once Coach Barrett returns from his sumptuous shower, Milo can't help but gawk. The frisky youngster absolutely loves hairy dudes.

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