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Dallen's Give and Take Visit Bi College Fucks

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There's usually just no real way around it get two young, ripped, alpha male types in bed with a hot coed for some bi action and there's invariably an element of the two guys wanting to compete with one another, outdo one another, out fuck one another, and show off to one another. Neither one wants the scene to end with viewers thinking the other was the bigger stud. Dare I say it, the split second of that alpha male battle gave way to Dallen and Rocky just being all over one another here! They didn't just want to outdo one another, they wanted to do one another; they didn't want to outfuck one another, they wanted to fuck one another! Rather than having two guys compete for Aliya, the dynamic here reminds me of two best buds sharing an awesome new experience together and loving it all.

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