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Remastered Original from producer Gavin Lowe: 20-year-old Vince Cooper and 25-year-old Tory Mason, come to us from opposite ends of the USA, with Vince being from Los Angeles, CA and Tory Mason from New York, NY. Becoming a little playful, Tory splashes water on Vince, who gets out of the pool, whips his uncut cock out and Tory begins deep throating his meat as best he can. Tory gets face down on the lounge chair and Vince gives him a good ass eating and some vigorous tongue action, preparing his hole for what is to come. Tory straddles Vince and begins bouncing up and down, riding him like a stallion. Tory now on his back down on the pool deck, Vince fucks him hard and deep! Back up on the chair on all 4's, Vince shows Tory no mercy, plowing his ass big time. Tory hops on Vince's lap one more time and quickly loses his load. He stands up and Vince finishes himself off, with a thick creamy load of his own!

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