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Handsome, tattooed hunk Matt Kennedy is hanging out with his friend, John Despe. They're a bit bored; they've sunk a few bottles, they can't work out what to watch on Netflix, and when you're both red blooded dudes with big dicks well there's only one thing left to do. John has been openly fiddling with his big dick for some time, pulling at the impressive bulge through his shorts. He shoots Matt a glance which tells him exactly what's on his mind and Matt does not need to be asked twice. The two men are suddenly all over each, kissing aggressively, ripping their clothes off and feeling each other up. Matt soon finds himself hungrily going down on John's big fat dick, gagging and choking on it like his life depends on it. They're soon entirely naked, giant dicks rubbing against each other as the battle for dominance plays itself out.

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