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Reed, Jon and Courtney got up pretty early to fool around, and joke around with cameraman Connor. Southern gentleman Jon compliments Reed's wardrobe, and then they get down to it, after Courtney says she wants to see Jon get fucked. Reed kisses Courtney and helps her off with her blouse. Jon kisses her as Reed kisses all over her body. Courtney kisses Jon's nipple, then Reed comes over to kiss the other. The guys kiss, as Courtney works to get Reed's cock free of his jeans. Jon fingers Courtney through her panties and then she sucks Reed. She goes back and forth, sucking on Reed and Jon as the guys kiss. Red stands to feed Jon his cock. Courtney goes down on Jon as he sucks Reed. Reed rubs Jon's head as he's getting head. He pushes Jon's face down into Courtney' pussy, then sucks Jon as Jon eats out Courtney.

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