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AJ Baxter and Danny Junior are out on the town and enjoying the sights for this BoyFun episode, or perhaps it's more accurate to say AJ is enjoying it while Danny is eager to get their cocks out back at the rented room. He doesn't have to try too hard to entice his tourist pal. AJ might like the beautiful old buildings but after a little grope and a kiss in an alley he's soon wrapping his mouth around Danny's big juicy cock when they get back to the comfort of the couch. It's nice to have an interest in architecture and history, but enjoying some stiff young cock is far more exciting. With Danny's cock slurped and wet the boy turns his attention to AJ's delectable little ass, spending a good long while licking and lapping at his tasty pucker. For most this might be a momentary act of foreplay, but this boy really seems to love that snug hole.

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