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Eliad & John Visit Jalif Studios

By Jalif Studios

John Despe definitely knows what he wants. He and Eliad Costa are alone in a dingy backroom in a French warehouse. Highly compliant Eliad is already on the floor, dressed only in a jockstrap and a balaclava, slutty ass in the air, ready for whatever John has in store for him. For starters, John wants his dick sucked. So Eliad dutifully sets to work, sucking hard and then choking on John's huge, veiny, uncut penis. John slaps his sub-boy, showing him who's boss and making it crystal clear that the dom top is to be obeyed. Eliad's needs beyond the rush of pleasure associated with serving his hung master are utterly irrelevant. John soon has his lubed-up finger lodged firmly inside Eliad's hole. It needs to be wet and open for the 10-inch dildo John's about to shove into it.

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