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Closer: Mr. Marko is off on another business trip and it's time to say goodbye to his nephew. Since Mr. Marko found him and introduced him to his father, Dr. Wolf, the three of them have had a lot of fun together. Serg has a parting request for his uncle, though: Serg has never fucked a man before and he would like Mr. Marko to be his first. Mr. Marko can't say no to his nephew, of course. Dr. Wolf helps Serg get started but he just can't help but get in on the fun. Soon he has his fat cock buried in his son's hole, forcing the boy to fuck back onto his dad's dick then thrust his boy cock forward into his uncle. All three of them are loving it, but before Serg can breed his Uncle, Mr. Marko and Serg's dad want to remind the boy of his place in the family hierarchy. Dr. Wolf lays back on the sofa and tells Serg to climb on.

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