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By Corbin Fisher

We're all of about 20 seconds into this one before Grayson and Finn are peeling off each other's clothes so they can see, feel, grab, and grope the other's ripped bodies yeah, these two could not wait to fuck! From the very beginning, it's clear these guys were into one another and that's only made more and more obvious as the action progresses. Throughout the action, the eye contact is intense it's as if both of these guys wanted to take in the sight of them fucking just as much as we do, and didn't want to let the moment pass without their being able to enjoy the visuals along with every other sense that was surely in overdrive. Grayson's cock hits all the right spots in Finn, as evidenced by Finn's insanely hot moans, the expressions on his face, and just how hard his own hot cock is while Grayson pumps his hole.

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