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Nothing to Hide: I was in the kitchen, thinking of something to make my son Marcus and I for lunch. Suddenly, I heard a sharp, loud, moan coming from the boy's bedroom. I smiled and chuckled to myself: Yep, he was at it again. I tip toed down the hallway and peeked into the twinky little darling's bedroom. My sweet, growing boy was at full mast, huffing and puffing and really going at it! The kid's eyes were wide open, but laser focused on his boy rod. So was I, and I absolutely adored the ways in which Marcus cooed cute, sexy little grunts while he madly tugged at his meat. Standing there in the doorway, I sucked in a breath as I watched, mesmerized. I deeply longed to join him. Then in a priceless moment, Marcus realized that I was standing in his doorway.

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