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Seems that Alpha Wolf was just out there on his break and Cousin Joel caught up with his pants down. But no matter, just a bit of fun between a couple good ol' boys ain't done nobody no harm. Alpha was down on his knees sucking Joel's dick but Joel really just wants to teach Alpha how to get fucked up that hairy butthole. And up that hairy butt hole he went. That's how we roll at Lot 45. Seeing that big, hairy, ripped man lie Alpha bend over and take Joel's ick up his hole is one of hottest things we've seen all week. And the two men totally commit to their performances. Trailer Trash Boys is a very unique gay porn site. It's not just hot men fucking, it's an actual comedy site where the men all play characters on the fictional "Lot 45" trailer park. Country Boy accents, Country Boy clothes and hilarious setups and stories.

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