Tanner and Atticus

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Tanner and Atticus Visit Randy Blue

By Randy Blue

These cum addicted boyfriends are fucking sluts. Slutty Atticus just got a slut filled load up his hole from two guys and then slut whore Tanner eats that cum out of his ass. Only two cum sluts would do something like that. And then these two sluts kept saying they loved each other while they sucked each other off. Atticus had his hard slutty cock bounce up and down as he sat down on Tanner. Tanner has the thickest damn dick of almost any of the sluts that have been on Randy Blue before. These two sluts were fucking every which way they could. And finally these sluts fucked until a geyser of cum shot out of Atticus and Tanner fed it to his slut craving mouth. Then the slut whore begged for cum up his butt and that slut Tanner agreed wholeheartedly. This is the finale of the slut filled series All My Friends are Sluts. I hope you enjoyed watching these sluts as much fun it was the film them.

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