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Lucas Entertainment - Update

Sunday November 17, 2019

Viktor Pounds Max

The sexy Max Adonis lives up to his namesake -- he really is an Adonis, and there's something extra devilish in his youthful good looks. Viktor Rom sees this, too, and has to have him the only way Viktor knows how to. Viktor Rom demands that his bottoms submit to and service him, and Max eagerly takes up the challenge. Viktor and Max slip away from the pool party outside so Viktor can have him all to himself. Max uses his mouth to pleasure Viktor's battering-ram cock before getting his young hole sodomized without mercy.


Kristen Bjorn - Update

Sunday November 17, 2019

Let's Do It

Max Saga and Salvador Mendoza are at home relaxing when Salvador walks into the room with a suggestion on how to spend the afternoon. Max immediately sees Salvador’s excitement and reaches out and touches Salvador’s magic wand. Salvador shows off his majestic cock and Max is unable to resist and decides “let’s do it”. Moving in quickly, Max takes Salvador’s cock into his mouth and begins his expert cock sucking skills. As Salvador gets his cock sucked, his eye is on Max’s muscular ass and begins exploring it with his fingers. Unable to resist his hunger, Salvador has Max flip around and admires the magnificent rose-colored pucker hole. Salvador’s tongue probes, penetrates and pleasures Max’s beautiful ass.


Masqulin - Update

Sunday November 17, 2019

Competitive Streak 1

Matthew Parker awakens to discover his boyfriend, Pierce Paris, strutting and flexing in the mirror; he can’t help but poke a little gentle fun at him for it. Pierce explains he is battling his nerves, so Matthew proposes an enticing remedy. Some not-so-gentle poking inevitably follows. These two show us what it's all about and they never let up or quit. With bodies like theirs, would you ?


BadPuppy - Update

Sunday November 17, 2019

Bennett & Bentley

Hunky ginger Bennett Anthony meets young stud Bentley Michael for the first time and they immediately hit it off. They have been aware of and wanted to work with each other and now they have their chance. After their interview the two slide closer to each other, Bennett puts his arm around Bentley, pulls him close and they start kissing. Bentley reaches for the bulge in Bennett's shorts and begins squeezing. Bentley kneels in front of Bennett, pulls off his shorts and goes down on Bennett's thick cock burying his face in Bennett's thick auburn bush. Bennett pulls Bentley to his feet, drops to his knees and goes to work on Bentley's long thick dick. Bentley's cock is so long that Bennett keeps gagging on it as he's giving Bentley a blowjob; but it does not curtail him in the slightest.


Japan Boys - Update

Sunday November 17, 2019

Get & Cum Together

Ayumu is back in town and contacted us to see if there was any work. I showed him a picture of Teppei and asked if he would do a scene with him. I guess after seeing this video you know what the answer was. Putting these two together was a great choice. They giggled and played around all through the scene. Sorry, we had to edit some of the playing out but don't worry, there's still enough for you to see the fun they had. Wasting no time, they hit the mattress kissing and groping each other before peeling off their undies and sucking each others cocks. Teppei opens a condom, slides it on and slides on in. From missionary to riding cowboy and spinning around, Ayumu enjoys the ride before they both lay back and bust a nut cumming at the same time.


College Dudes - Update

Sunday November 17, 2019

Jake Pounds Alex

Alex Meyer and Jake Torrey kiss each other before tasting one another’s cock, Alex going down on Jake first as he captures that dick between his soft lips. Sucking on Jake’s cock, Alex takes it deep down his throat and works Jake up until he’s rock hard and then lets Jake taste him next. Jake eagerly takes Alex’s prick on his tongue, licking and sucking every last inch of him until Jake’s pulsing hard cock can’t wait any longer and Jake fills up Alex’s ass with it. Straddling Jake and riding his cock, Alex moves his sweet little ass up and down before Jake gets Alex on his back, legs spread wide open as Jake fucks his hole. Alex reaches for his own member and grips it hard, pulling it in and out of his hands until he makes himself cum and Jake pulls out.


Trans Angels - Update

Sunday November 17, 2019

Just Ignore Him

Sexy brunette college girls Natalie Mars and Korra Del Rio are trying to have an innocent night in, watching movies and talking mad shit in their cutest underwear and knee-high socks. When Natalie's pesky step-brother Wesley comes sniffing around they give him the cold shoulder, making the horny hunk work for their attention. Wesley seizes the opportunity, touching and teasing the two sexy ladies as they ignore him. Wesley plays with their tight holes, fingering and licking them while they focus on the TV and popping his hard cock into their mouth. Soon the two slumber party sluts can't wait any longer and give Wesley the attention he's demanding in a fun and freaky three way that leaves Natalie and Korra covered in Wesley's hot cum.


Broke Straight Boys - Update

Saturday November 16, 2019

Tanner Fucks Cody

Tanner Valentino and Cody Smith are hungry for each other, barely able to contain themselves as we unleash these two sexy beasts! They kiss each other all over and Cody grabs Tanner’s cock, shoving it in his mouth and sucking it hard as Tanner moans and squirms under him. They 69 so that Tanner can taste Cody’s sweet prick and when both these guys are rock hard Tanner gets Cody face down and sticks his dick in him. Fucking him raw and deep, Tanner takes Cody from behind, filling that hole and making Cody moan as he struggles to take every last inch. Cody turns onto his back to get fucked bareback some more, hardly able to catch his breath with Tanner pounding that long shaft into him over and over.


Club Amateur USA - Update

Saturday November 16, 2019

Thatcher 672

Every once in a while you meet an individual who is authentically and genuinely themselves -- regardless of Gen X, Millennial, or Gen Z. While he originates from a rural area of lower, Midwest state, I am loathe to refer to him as "country" because that infers simple or uneducated. Conversely, while Thatcher grew up in a much more conservative, small-town community, he and his bros were definitely open to sexploring and educating themselves in the ways of the broader world outside of their "country" environment. Thank you, Internet!


Gods of Men - Update

Saturday November 16, 2019

Head Over Heels

Exotic hunk Zario Travezz slips away to quietly get some satisfaction, unaware that he's being watched by Max Adonis as he shucks off his clothes and lies down to stroke his hardon. Max wants some of that action, and he sucks Zario's big cock before climbing onto the bed for some 69. Max is first to get dicked down, taking a pounding in doggystyle and piledriver before hopping on for a ride. Then it's time to flip the script, and Zario gets a taste of Max's hard cock in his ass! It feels so good that Zario just has to cum, and Max pulls out and jizzes all over him.

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