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All Australian Boys - Update

Sunday April 05, 2020


So many of members voted for Julian to do another shoot so we figured why not give our members everything they could want. On this shoot, this fresh sexy and hot 18 year old boy consumed with passion, in his various forms and does it all! Ryder, after expertly and relentlessly sucking Julian through the gloryhole and got exactly what he needed and wanted. May be even more than he expected. When Julian ignited he exploded with pure hot lust and desire that is rarely ever seen.

Corbin Fisher - Update

Sunday April 05, 2020

Fucking Kyler

Kyler wasted no time showing off his top skills for us, and it’s a mighty good thing he’s so skilled at it - he certainly has the dick for it, and that cock of his is going to do some wonders on his fellow CF studs’ holes. Kyler also showed off just how enthusiastic and eager he is in the bedroom, and he should be particularly proud of those oral skills! Now it’s time to see how Kyler takes to getting fucked, though, with Dane doing the honors and popping Kyler’s CF cherry. In a nutshell? Kyler looks hot as hell bottoming, the experience clearly pushed some buttons for him, and he confessed afterwards it felt way, way better than he expected. Granted, Dane certainly must have something to do with how much Kyler enjoyed his first bottoming experience.

8TeenBoy - Update

Sunday April 05, 2020

Hammered Hard

With a shredded body, and and erotic anticipation, Jimmy Andrews tears into hot piece, Jacob Hansen. The horned up dirty blond strips the young stud, as he tastes his tight, tan torso, and moves towards that dick. Andrews wastes no time once reaching his meaty mark, spending equal time deep throating, and sucking seed filled his sack, while that thick dick knocks around his handsome face. The skilled schlong sucker stands, strips from his stuffed black boxer briefs, and allows his impressive appendage to flop out with weighty heft. He eases into the bed, then dangles all that delicious dick down Jacob’s thirsty throat. Hansen throats his huge hog while Andrews pinches the boy’s nipples.

Harlem Hookups - Update

Sunday April 05, 2020


Xander Wanted to plant it deep in my guts. I had been edging him all day and he couldn't take it anymore. So he just mounted my ass. But the next morning I edged my dick with his throat. I got his hole all wet and then came all the fun. I jammed my big fat hard dick deep inside his well used pucker and fucked him like he deserved. He moaned like a little bitch as i pounded him for everything I was worth. Finishing off with a nice huge load as I filled his asshole with my thick creamy seed.

Missionary Boys - Update

Saturday April 04, 2020

Elder Boon: Sacrament

Bishop Davies and President Lee convene in a secret corner of the Temple to discuss one of the new arrivals. Elder Boon has sparked conversation amongst the men of the Order, and Davies and Lee are keen to get in early with the boy. There is a rumor that he is well-endowed, and the men want to see for themselves. But beyond that, Boon has a shroud of secrecy surrounding him. He is one of the few missionary boys who has joined the mission under anonymous circumstances, meaning he has opted not to give any information about his background upon entering the mission. Anonymity is rare amongst the boys. Usually the priests prefer that they understand a boy’s background and who they were before joining the mission.

Breed Me Raw - Update

Saturday April 04, 2020

Ray & Alessio

This was the last shoot for Ray Diesel and he didn't disappoint! Alessio provided just the right hole for the job. These two went right to business. After some deep kissing Alessio was ready to try that monster cock on for size. First in his mouth, then after some sucking and rimming, deep in his hole. It was hot to see that dark meat disappear inside Alessio. It was even hotter to watch Alessio shoot his own load as Ray's tool hit just the right spot. Check it out for yourself!

Southern Strokes - Update

Saturday April 04, 2020

Vitalizing Top

While looking through a porn magazine, Vitali Kutcher gets horny. However, his boyfriend Jesse Evans walks in and Vitali feels the urge to hide the periodical, rather than sharing. But never fear, Jesse finds out all the same. His attitude? Why look at a magazine when he's right there, ready, willing and able to satisfy any of Vitali's needs? The two immediately start making out and soon strip down. Jesse drops to his knees to service Vitali's uncut, curved cock. Vitali returns the favor, taking his sweet time devouring the fat, uncut tool before Jesse offers up his ass. Vitali slides home with little lubrication and fucks his boyfriend bareback, on a bench. After a while, they switch it up and move to the floor.

Men At Play - Update

Saturday April 04, 2020

Soaking Wet

Miguel Angel is successful and handsome but with a few flaws - he is arrogant and a despot. While working on the broken pool, Miguel is unhappy with Diego Reyes and his work and calls him incompetent. Tired of the verbal abuse, Diego pushes suited Miguel into the pool. Wet and upset, Miguel Angel demands to be compensated. And, 1 months’ free labor won’t due. Diego pulls out his cock and offers it instead. Inside Diego takes his frustration out some more… including ripping Miguel’s expensive trousers and giving him the rough, aggressive raw fuck and facial he deserves.

Helix Studios - Update

Saturday April 04, 2020

Juicy Jock

Hard bodied hunk, Johnny Hands, and pretty boy, Parker grant join five star fuck forces in this fire hot, flesh fest! Parker can’t keep his pornstar paws, nor his talented tongue off jacked jock, Johnny. The beautiful, blond boy has some serious suck skills, servicing Hands’ hunky hog deep in that thirsty throat of his. Excited to take a taste of the twink, Hands heats up the boy’s bone at the back of his throat, before tossing Grant’s golden legs in the air, to taste that tight tunnel! Once Parker’s pretty, pink pucker is tenderized with his thrusty tongue, Hands goes to workin the boy’s backdoor with his dick, taking the twink on a torrid tour around the bed, in his favorite, pole pounding positions.

Dirty Scout - Update

Saturday April 04, 2020

Dirty Scout 220

I love when the job applicants surprise me, it spices things up a bit. This young gentleman was full of surprises. He had only primary school because he got expelled too many times. The reason was his behaviour. He didn't let anyone to make fun of him. That gave me a pause, I didn't want to get in a fight. He worked out a lot and it showed. He was also the first guy I met who did historical fencing. You need a good physique for such a hobby. I was getting more and more interested in this dude. The only thing he wanted to do was an excavator operator so I gave him the job. Then the moment of truth came, was I in for sex or a fistfight? To my surprise, the guy was pretty okay with doing all kinds of naughty activities.

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