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Bring Me A Boy - Update

Friday January 24, 2020

Messy Boy

From the start, Dave London knew he would marry Gregor's mother. Not because he cared about her. He wanted to corrupt her innocent and only son. Now, months after moving in together, Dave puts his wicked plan into motion, bonding with his new step kid over a DIY project. The boy is messy, but it's okay. Dave doesn't care. All he cares about is sliding his huge, raw cock inside his stepson. Dave gets his dirty hands on the kid, caressing the teen's body. Soon, the boy is on his knees, mouth open. He can barely wrap his lips around the head of his stepfather's enormous cock, but he eagerly sucks down as much as he can. Dave eventually returns the favor, treating the boy to his first blowjob.


Lucas Entertainment - Update

Friday January 24, 2020

Dan Pounds Gabriel

Gabriel Phoenix, a new face to Lucas Entertainment, was so turned on that he asked his buddy, Dan Saxon, to screw around out in the open too. If Tomas Brand and Jonathan Miranda can let down their inhibitions, so too can Gabriel and Dan. Dan Saxon is going to be a rising star, make no mistake of it. He’s an adorable surfer dude from Australia with a fresh face, long hair, an incredible body, and a rock-hard uncut cock that will make you salivate. Just wait until you see it in action with Gabriel; this guy is full of raw energy, and he brutalizes Gabriel’s hole to prove it.


Fun Size Boys - Update

Friday January 24, 2020

Mark & Dr. Wolf's Office

When Mark hurts himself playing soccer one weekend, his friends suggested that he should make an appointment to get it checked out. One friend in particular thought Dr. Wolf would be just the man for him, but didn't say why... When Dr. Wolf came through the door, Mark's eyes went wide with excitement. The tall man stood almost as high as the door frame itself! He had a broad chest and classic, handsome features that made him sprout an erection right there. Mark was grateful for the attention, but every time the doctor's knuckles grazed against his balls or shaft, a rush of pleasure overcame his entire body. He even found himself letting out slight breaths. His exhales were silent at first, but before long, he was gripping the side of the table.


Broke Straight Boys - Update

Friday January 24, 2020

Blake & Cody Bareback

Blake Ellis and Cody Smith are ready to get it on and we don’t keep them waiting too long, letting them get at each other as they start to kiss. But Cody has a better use for his mouth as he teases Blake’s cock with it before pulling off Blake’s underwear and swallowing that prick. Cody sucks on that cock and then lets Blake taste his meat next as he stands up and lets Blake deepthroat him, getting Cody’s member hard and ready for some ass. Bending over, Blake gives Cody his ass and Cody pushes inside with his naked cock, fucking Blake over the chair as Blake takes every inch of that fat dick. Sitting down on the couch and pulsing Blake on top of him, Cody lets Blake ride him raw, pushing back against that big dick as he strokes his own cock.


Young Bastards - Update

Friday January 24, 2020

2 Cocks Stretching Ass

Neil might not have known he'd be the entertainment when he found a sex den with his buddies Andreas and Will, but he's under no illusions when the boys turn their attention to him. With a collar around his neck and his thick cock out of his pants the two are ready to play, and they both know how to use a friend like him to the limit. With some spanking of his plump ass and two hard cocks to suck Neil is surprisingly willing, but he might not be ready to let them both fuck him. With a dick in his face and a tongue up his chute the boy is led to the ultimate in submission, taking a fucking from behind. The boys love a tight pucker, slamming their naked cocks into him one after the other, but he's still not quite tight enough to please their dicks.


English Lads - Update

Thursday January 23, 2020

Young Straight Mates

Best friends and muscle hunks Logan Brown and Clayton Hughes go on holiday to Spain where they make a home movie and film each other having a sneaky wank on some rocks by the beach. The lads take it in turns to have a wank while their friend records them shoot their loads. The videos are back-to-back and show the horny lads stripping, flexing their hot muscles and teasing their uncut cock to a rock-hard throbbing uncut erection! These muscle studs shoot cum all over themselves in the blazing sun and after washes off in the ocean as the waves crash into them. It seems that Clayton and Logan have a secret exhibitionist in them and having a risky wank outside really turns them on!!


Japan Boys - Update

Thursday January 23, 2020

Tomohisa's Lucky Fuck

After winning a friendly card game, Tomohisa claims his real prize from sexy bottom Ayumu. This hot and horny session of Japanese gay sex starts with kisses and rubs, and heats up when Tomo fingers and fucks Ayumu's furry, tight little hole. Ayumu groans with pleasure as Tomohisa pumps his gorgeous Asian booty full of stiff cock, then the smooth tight twinks lie next to each other to beat out puddles of creamy jizz onto their lean, perfect abs


Spritzz - Update

Thursday January 23, 2020

Skinny Creeper

JD loves it when a friend comes to town, he loves showing them all the best sights, the best of which is his tight little bareback ass. After leading his friend David around town all afternoon it's finally time for him to take him home and show him the best spot in the city, starting with some sucking of those stiff young uncut cocks. Hung JD loves blowing his buddies, but David proves he's no slouch when it comes to gobbling on a juicy hooded tool. David's thick and veiny cock slides in with ease when JD slips his naked rump down on his lap, his own big dick bouncing around with every impaling thrust. The pleasure only grows when the boy bends over to take it from behind, the handsome lad's incredible bare dick crammed into his boyhole for some deeper thrusting.


BadPuppy - Update

Thursday January 23, 2020

JJ Knight & Cesar

Cesar Xes can't keep his hands off of JJ Knight during the interview and JJ quickly obliges by pulling off his underwear revealing his huge cock which is already standing at attention. Cesar rolls over on the sofa, grabs JJ's cock and proceeds to give JJ an intense blowjob. JJ reaches around to play with Cesar's ass while Cesar focuses on sucking his cock. Cesar stands up, removes his underwear and drops to his knees as he continues servicing JJ's long, thick hunk of man-meat. JJ sits back on the sofa, pulls Cesar close and swallows every inch of Cesar's rock-hard cock. Cesar kneels onto the sofa, sticks his ass in the air and JJ kneels down behind him, shoving his tongue deep into Cesar's hot ass.


Young Perps - Update

Thursday January 23, 2020

Case No. 1911075-25

This week, tatted twunk Dakota Payne makes an appearance as a church-going cutie who sets up an illegal kissing-booth on store property. Loss Prevention Officer Devin Trez makes the goody-two-shoes kiss his thick black cock and spread his cheeks for some hard anal discipline! There's no mercy in either the face fucking or ass pounding Loss Prevention Officer Devin Trez gives to Dakota Payne. It's rough, deep, hard and raw in both his throat and asshole. Dakota may even be walking funny for a few days after this one.

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