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Sketchy Sex - Update

Friday February 28, 2020

Fill My Mouth

This has to be the sloppiest and loosest hole yet. This bottom takes the double penetration by the 2 biggest cocks in the room effortlessly. At least he makes it look that way. The ginger stud loves to slurp up any juice that is available, yet he fucks like a champ with his fat mushroom head cock. There's cum and cum eating going on all over here. If you love a hot thick creamy're sure in the right place.


Drill My Hole - Update

Friday February 28, 2020

Dangerous Hideout

Sexy Michael Boston is feeling a little frisky in his leather jockstrap with matching whip when he’s interrupted by the gorgeous William Seed, asking to use his phone. After a very suspicious phone call, William’s attention is turned to the sounds coming from Michael’s room, only to discover that Michael has the handsome Thyle Knoxx tied up with his mouth tapped in his bed! William tries to sneak out, but Michael catches him and invites him to stay and play, an offer he can’t refuse. Michael sits William on the bed and proceeds to go down on his thick and meaty, uncut cock as a wide-eyed Thyle looks on. His deep-throating skills are so amazing that neither hunk notice Thyle trying to leave the room and stumbling on William’s duffle bag full of cash.


BadPuppy - Update

Friday February 28, 2020

Joel & Sherman

Horse-hung Sherman Maus returns with Joel Someone and they are anxious to get each other naked. Sherman starts out the interview with the biggest boner trying to poke itself out from under his underwear. Once Joel gets an eye of Sherman's bulge he reaches over and frees it from Sherman's shorts. Sherman's cock is thick, rock-hard and points straight up. Joel has to try his hand at deep-throating Sherman's manhood and while he gags just a little, he manages to get down every single inch of that huge piece of meat. Of course, Sherman is obviously enjoying the attention as I periodically caught his eyes rolling back in his head. After some mutual oral cock-worship our two hot studs are primed and Joel can't wait for Sherman to shove his cock deep inside his ass. Sherman bends Joel over on the bed and begins driving his tongue in and out of Joel's hole.


Japan Boys - Update

Friday February 28, 2020

Teppei & Makoto

There's no time for niceties or politeness when Teppei meets and mates with Makoto. Right down to business making out on the bed, and then their clothes come off like a flash! These horny Japanese boys are hot to trot, and they take turns getting mouths full of horny and sweet Asian cock. The uncensored action heats up as they grind their dicks against each other, with Teppei squeezing both together in his hot little hand. He slides down to take a long deep taste of Makoto's tight hole, lubes a finger and slides it in. One finger turns to three, Teppei lubes his condomed prick and lies back for his buddy to take it into his hungry ass. We get a great view from behind as Teppei thrusts up into Makoto, grabbing his hips as he pumps in deep.


Why Not Bi - Update

Friday February 28, 2020

Sleepover Peeping

Tattooed and green haired wild girl Brind Love and her cute athletic friend Thyle Knoxx are trying to have a good old fashioned sleepover together, but Brind's new stepbrother William Seed won't stop peeping and creeping on the two film fanatics! While Brind and Thyle are watching the movie and eating popcorn, William sneaks into the room and gropes and strokes their gorgeous asses. Brind and Thyle are more than willing to let William play with their bodies, as long as he doesn't interrupt their movie watching. Brind strokes her step-brother's jackhammer cock before he slides over to Thyle to use his mouth while the sexy nerd keeps watching the movie.


Lucas Entertainment - Update

Thursday February 27, 2020

Sgt. Miles & Dirk DP Drew

Alpha-jock Sergeant Miles and Drew Dixon have been seeing each other for a while now -- they have a big-bro/little-bro and stepdad/stepson relationship going on. But even though Sergeant gives drew a good pounding whenever his ass is twitching for one, Drew still has a slutty wandering eye. He’s had a strong attraction for the muscle-bear daddy, Dirk Caber, for a long time, and Sergeant catches them together when Drew gives in to his desires. Hey, if Drew is so hungry for daddy cock, then let him take two up his ass at the same time!


Hot Older Male - Update

Thursday February 27, 2020

Trophy Dads

In Trophy Dads, sexy young boys show off their hot daddies for the cameras to highlight all their ummmm.... special talents. In this, our first, Trophy Dads scene, muscle daddy Dallas Steele's talent is using his big dick to destroy his boy's hole in every possible position. For those who love daddies and I mean real daddies. This is some of the hottest gay sex on the web and I hope I'm as horny as they are when I become a Hot Older Male.


Peter Fever - Update

Thursday February 27, 2020

Huge Cock Destroys Hole

Another hot College Seduction featuring lean tan muscle boys doing the bareback gay sex that comes naturally. We open with tight-bodied Asian bottom Gavin Winters pleasuring his hole with the aid of a giant dildo when Joseph Banks steps into the doorway and catches what's going on. Joseph slides in his own mammoth dildo-sized cock, and it's a good thing Gavin's worked his tight hole up to the tasty task. Gavin leans back and revels in the rough raw plowing from Joseph's butt-splitter, beating his own cock faster with every deep stroke. He turns around to ride Banks' trophy cock, then Joseph fucks the creamy load out of him and uses Gavin's sticky seed to lube up for his final cum-splattering booty destruction.


Noir Male - Update

Thursday February 27, 2020

Out Of His System

Julian Grey, has always had a crush on his sister’s fiancé and on their wedding day he decides to confess. When he helps the groom, Marquee D’Angelo, get ready, things get very hot in the changing room and the two men feel their desire for one another. They decide to fuck one last time to get it out of their system. Will their desire for one another continue after the wedding, or have they really gotten it out of their system?


English Lads - Update

Thursday February 27, 2020

Straight & Muscular Stud

Young, muscular stud Logan Brown returns this week and is in for a treat as he wanks another man for the first time – and it’s straight lad Jack Montague who he gets to play with! The hot duo have fun taking off the other’s clothes and, as both used to box, they have a playful fight together. After exploring each other’s muscles and naked, Jack takes the lead and pumps Logan’s uncut cock until Logan returns the favour! For a straight lad's first time, Logan does a great job and both look great with rock-solid erections! Comfy on the floor, the boys shoot their loads, covering themselves in cum! Thanks for continuing your adventure Logan, we can’t wait to see where you go next!

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